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Fairmont Christian School

In cooperation with Mountain Lake Christian School, we are an interdenominational educational experience that is an outgrowth of Small Sprouts Preschool. Our goal is to be an elementary school of excellence, which develops boys and girls spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in order to produce young men and women who love God and who are capable of success in any academic environment.

We will do this by being Christ-centered and biblically concentrated. Our academics are research-driven and student focused. Fairmont Christian is engaged in opportunities to explore, create and discover, while at the same time learning in every subject area about a creative, loving God who cares for them and has a plan for their life.
Fairmont Christian School is in its second year and has a stand-alone kindergarten class, and a combined 1-2 class. Our plan is to add an additional grade each year. Because we believe it is important for young children to develop at their own unique pace, kindergarten students attend school full days only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our school day currently runs from 9:00-3:30.

Our students have not only received exceptional instruction from their primary teachers, but also have had the opportunity to experience Music, Art, and Spanish classes from skilled instructors who take time to come in on a weekly basis.

We also have a companion Dog, Birdee, who joins the classrooms weekly as well. You can read more about her under the 'A Dog's Viewpoint' page.

We love our school, and we would love the opportunity to sit down and talk with you about what God is doing here; and how we can come alongside your family to see firsthand what a special place this is. For questions regarding tuition, financial aid, etc. please contact Kimberly Fast or Mindy Sheplee at 507-235-5513.